It is a clear fact that education plays an essential role in the term of development of a nation and a nation never stands independent until and unless education is at standard level. Recently a survey was conducted by a prominent non-profit organisat Alif Ailaan which has put Punjab on top regarding primary education.

According to BBC there was a significant improvement in primary school admissions and the quality of primary education in the province and the news further disclosed that there has been a rise in the number of students in primary, secondary and higher secondary schools which is very positive for the province also for the country. We all well aware that in these days our country is under development and for being completely developed the government and the responsible authorities need to put their combine efforts to reform overall schools of the country, provide high quality education to it residents and bring more children into the education system.

I wish to congratulate the Punjab government for working on education and bringing improvement in its education system. It is my humble request to the concerns authorities to put an eagle attention on the poor education system of remaining provinces and work on this unique source of improvement.


Kech, July 6.