LAHORE-The general election fever is at its peak as nation goes to polls today. The stars and celebrities too are excited about it.

This pre-election period brought us the chance to witness electoral candidate’s unique ways of campaigning, ranging from ploughing seeds in the field to the driving rickshaws in the streets to gain attention of the masses.

Everybody is busy in picking their sides and supporting them.  Not only do streets get a chance to witness the political battle, social media wars are going on as well. Not only the celebrities are showing their interest in elections but are also urging people to come out of their homes and cast their votes.

Bilal Ashraf

“All Pakistanis should come to the polling stations and vote in the best interest of Pakistan. Democracy can flourish only if we fully participate in the elections and elect the right people who can steer Pakistan in the right direction and bring prosperity,” actor Bilal Ashraf said.

Emraan Rajput

 “Let's support someone who has not been tried and tested. Who hasn't deceived and betrayed us like others. Vote for change, vote for Imran Khan. Last year, I supported for Pakistan People’s Party but the result is in front of us.  This one man has helped saved millions of lives in this country. Is that a small thing? People criticise him a lot for what they call his “self-absorbed” behaviour. Yet, this man has selflessly and tirelessly worked for public health and education of the under-privileged,” said fashion designer Emraan Rajput.

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin

“This is the time for all the political parties to show up for their country. I hope every politician including our celebs should work hard for the betterment of Pakistan. The system has many flaws but only our continued participation in accountability and claiming our rights can lead to a Pakistan we all wish to live in. We all must continue to play our part in whatever way we can. Vote for change, vote for your favourite one. Pakistan Zindabad, ” fashion designer HSY said.

Farhad Humayun  

“Politics is just an off shoot of showbiz in Pakistan in which all the leaders are trying to win over the crowd by telling them what they want to hear - a much more lucrative kind of showbiz than real showbiz and a very dangerous and misleading kind of showbiz. The media is very much a part of it to win the numbers and ratings. As a result people are growing exceedingly aggressive and disturbed. I want a fair country in which every individual's voice matters. A country in which all men and women irrespective of gender, race, religion, income or social group have the same rights,” singer Farhad Humayun said.

Ali Rehman

“I’m not into politics in a way that supports a political party, but support anyone who wants to make a difference and wants to work for the betterment of the country. I also strongly believe that if you want to see a change, you have to go out and vote for the person who you think will bring that change. Voting is your right, you MUST use it wisely,” actor Ali Rehman said.

Bilal Abbas

“I’m not really into politics; I believe it’s the people of Pakistan who can make this country better and that who happens when you raise voice and when you vote for the right leader,” actor Bilal Abbas said.

Shameelah Ismail

“My vision is for Pakistan to evolve into a truly representative democracy where everyone’s voice counts equally. I can’t say I’m supporting anyone in particular. I will decide on polling day. But my decision will be based on whoever has the most progressive agenda for moving us forward,” beautician Shameelah Ismail said.

Mehreen Syed

“We should increase participation of women and marginalized communities in our workforce to enable them to live dignified and self fulfilled lives. Pakistan is improving with the passage of time. Whoever comes in power should work for the betterment of Pakistan. Vote is the right of every citizen, so we should all vote for Pakistan,” super model Mehreen Syed said.

Musarrat Misbah

“To be honest, we are facing dilemma in politics. I am a very non-political person and reserve my comments on the subject too. But I think we elect the right candidate in this election, we can change existing scenario. If I had the power change anything, I would try to bring in the justice back and on time,” beautician Musarrat Misbah said.

Hareem Farooq

“After this election, I think I can predict a better future for Pakistanis if we make educated choices. Unfortunately I will not be able to cast my vote because I am not in the country due to prior work commitments but I do want to take this opportunity to urge each and every Pakistani who can to use their fundamental right to vote for the right candidate! Do it for Pakistan’s future. I would like to change the education system and would work for the children since they are our future leaders and Pakistan is blessed with massive aptitude and we just lack opportunity,” Hareem Farooq said.

Azfar Rehman

“I would suggest the government policy of Nazim and Naib Nazim concept shall be approved again. Whoever comes in power must be honest and should have the capacity to deliver. The party should work on free education campaign,” actor Azfar Rehman said.

Noor Hassan

“If I had the power the first thing I'd impose is the importance and value of human life. I feel it’s the most underrated sentiment in our country. Anything and everything can be given back but once a life is taken, unjust, there's nothing that can be done to get it back. Humanity, empathy, tolerance is all what we need to begin with,” actor Noor Hassan said.

Komal Aziz Khan

“It’s important for all of us to vote and do adequate research on the person/party we vote for as our country’s future depends on it. In an ideal world if I had the power to affect government policy I would want to end vip culture and make it impossible for politicians to have undue power and advantage which allows them to be corrupt and power high,” Komal Aziz Khan said.

Abdullah Qureshi

“Looking at today’s political situation, I feel what our country needs is someone who is true to our people and has a solution to the crisis we face today. I hope whoever comes to power works towards the betterment of our nation. So to everyone out there, go out and exercise your right to vote. Choose wisely because the decisions taken today will affect you directly,” singer Abdullah Qureshi said.

Faiza Saleem

“I am supporting Jibran Nasir because I feel he’s our only hope. He is educated as well as enlightened but not power or money hungry. He genuinely cares for the people of Pakistan. Over the years, I have personally seen him making many sacrifices in his own life in order to improve the lives of the marginalized,” comedian Faiza Saleem said.

Khalid Malik

“My vision is to see education and health care flourish in Pakistan. I am supporting those leaders who are willing to make a change in Pakistan. Whoever will win should focus on increasing budget and initiatives in both education and health care.” Actor Khalid Malik said.