MAKKAH - A number of hujjaj here in Makkah after spending at least nine days in Madina suffered unhygienic food and untrained staff.

Talking to the media, a haji of building number 218 said those who came under government scheme were served a healthy diet in the beginning but later on, its quality was compromised and eventually made the life of hujjaj miserable.

The hujjaj registered complaints many a times over the declining quality of food to the food committee but it went in vain. They assured hujjaj to remove their anomalies on priority but no improvement was brought into effect so far.

The haji went on saying that he requested the higher hierarchy to discuss the problems being faced but he was informed that they were not allowed to give their bosses’ contacts to anyone.

Another haji of the same building complained about the low moral values of the food serving staff.

She said the food serving staff has no ethics to interact with hujjaj. They behaved in uncivilised manners with hujjaj and sometimes they quarrelled over petty things, she added.

They also hoped that the religious minister would take an immediate action and provide a sigh of relief to the hujjaj who were to perform their religious obligations.