I write this letter to express my deep concern over the problem of students’ increasing carelessness and disinterest in education. There are many factors that have led to this problem of students’ disinterest in education. The orthodox education system is to be blamed. The image of studies and education has been made so repulsive by the system, that children are always finding excuses to avoid it. Education is more an exploration than slogging for passing examinations, tests, and handing in assignments. However, the current system has made education a burden. Hence, the students feel repulsive towards it.

The schools and teachers must not corrupt the joy-giving pursuit of education by putting unnecessary burdens of rules and regulations on the students. The teachers must attract the students towards the charms of education. Learning and gaining knowledge is an adventure. Teachers must expose and reveal to the students the thrill involved in it. The classroom learning must be made more interesting.

The most burdensome aspect of the education system is the burden of so many books and paperwork on students. I just wonder why can’t the schools make the education system paper-free! Education should be imparted through Computer Assisted techniques. From class-room teaching to homework assignments, it should be totally computerized.