ISLAMABAD-The city managers have turned down a request of the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority to allow commercial use of mauve area falling in the limits of sectors G-13 and G-14.

Mauve area is a long strip of land running along the northern side of Kashmir Highway. According to the master plan of Islamabad, it is meant for the public sector office buildings i.e. offices of the government, semi government and corporations. 

The custodian of the same area in old sectors from sector G-7 to G-11 is Capital Development Authority (CDA) while the mauve area of sectors G-13 and G-14 is with FGEHA as both of these sectors were developed by the housing foundation.

However, contrary to the provision of the master plan, the housing authority wants to utilise the said area for commercial and residential purposes by changing the land use of the mauve area for sectors G-13 and G-14.

Earlier, the federal cabinet had allowed to use a piece of land in the mauve area of G-13 for Prime Minister’s flagship programme of five million houses and the housing authority is currently doing a multi-story apartment project on this site.

The FGEHA while taking encouragement from that specific decision of the federal cabinet had requested CDA a few months back to allow them change in land use of their whole 4km mauve area for commercial and residential purposes.

The said matter was presented before the CDA board on Friday for deliberations, however, the board has declined the request of the housing authority as the matter needs change of master plan that is the competence of the federal cabinet.

A senior officer of the authority has informed that the board has also disagreed with the idea to change land use for the whole mauve area and decided that if the housing authority wants such change then it should prepare a summary for the federal cabinet and forward it accordingly.

Meanwhile, the board has approved the bids for its 12 plots auctioned recently in the blue area and allowed to issue offer letters to the successful bidders while a single bid was rejected as it was less than the reserved price.

The CDA board also considered a summary regarding COVID-19 allowance to the health workers of the capital hospital, however, the board did not accept it and directed the administration wing to further work out and identify those employees who are eligible for this reward and place the exact figures in the next meeting.