Parliament which has sanctioned denial of smoking at open places law is on the way to breaching this law. A new cigarette and cigar brand has been presented within the title of Senate of Pakistan with the consent of chairman Senate which has been conveyed among the parliamentarians who are smokers.

On the other hand speaker National Assembly (NA) Asad Qaisar has succeeded in guaranteeing facilities for tobacco cultivators. He has got issued a few takes note from FBR for decrease in obligations for tobacco cultivators as NA speaker himself is chairman of extraordinary committee.

The reason behind it is that tobacco is developed at huge scale in his voting public Swabi KP. Sources said that the cigarettes and cigars printed with Senate monogram have come to fore. These bundles are recorded with the word Senate. The words of chosen fine tobacco is additionally printed consequently.

Dilawar Khan presented the gifts of cigarette to such senators who are smokers despite prohibition of smoking in parliament. Certain senators expressed their annoyance over this act. They were of the view introducing cigarette brand in the name of Senate is illegal.

The printing of Senate monogram on cigarette packet cannot be allowed. Sources said Senator Dilawar Khan owns a cigarette factory in Mardan and he has taken special interest in preparing cigarette packets with Senate monogram.

When contacted he avoided to give his stance. On the other hand NA Speaker Asad Qaisar also supports the cultivation of tobacco crop , therefore, he is chairman of special committee on agriculture. He has got concessions from FBR and finance ministry for cultivators of tobacco during meetings of the committee.

Prohibition of smoking in parliament and public places was approved by parliament but chairmen of both the houses of parliament are trampling this law brazenly.