Lahore           -       Inspector General of Police Punjab Shoaib Dastgir said that open court at central police office on daily basis which was postponed due to corona pandemic should be started immediately.  In this regard AIG complaints was directed to hear the problems of citizens coming to open courts by ensuring all SOPs and submit weekly based progress report. He further said that it was the top priority of Punjab Police to compensate the complaints related with police by the citizens and for this purpose, system of self accountability had a cardinal value for improving overall performance of force despite resolution of complaints of citizens.  He further said that process of inspection of model police stations and police offices in all the districts should be conducted minutely and with full commitment and inspection should be undertaken The IGP was speaking to officers in a session held at central police office today. IG Punjab directed officers to follow discipline matrix in the process of punishment and reward and punishments should be awarded against those who committed negligence in accordance with the SOPs. He further said that inspection and monitoring of all projects and offices should be continued for improving performance of force and for making professional objectives more transparent.