Peshawar           -        In line with the consensus decisions taken at the National Command and Operation Centre for Covid-19 and to have a uniform policy throughout the country on the pandemic, the KP government under section 6 (d) of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Epidemic Control and Emergency Relief Ordinance 2020 has issued various instructions and directives to contain the spread of the coronavirus and control collection of hides by unauthorized organizations on the Eid.

According to a notification issued by the KP Home and Tribal Affairs Department, the public have been instructed to take the option of ‘collective Qurbani’ (sacrifice) through reputed organisations like Edhi, Al-Khidmat. They shall be persuaded to approach these organisations for the purpose. 

These organizations shall have proper system of sacrifices of animal in place outside the cities. 

The butchers shall be fully trained and properly screened for Covid-19 as negative. 

All these organisations would keep their animals and Qurbani arrangement outside the cities/ congested areas duly adhering to the general SOPs of Covid-19 prevention. 

Open areas as large as cattle markets shall be earmarked for sacrifices. 

These areas should be provided with supply of water, waiting area for people, arrangement of transport for public and cattle, presence of doctors and veterinary doctors along with ambulance. 

Similarly, instructions have also been issued for the arrangements of cattle markets. 

There shall be a monitoring committee at each district level under Deputy Commissioner with DPO, TMO as members and a sub-committee at the tehsil/ town level under Assistant Commissioner with representatives of relevant departments who shall be responsible for ensuring compliance of all directions in monitoring for the purpose of action against violations. 

At least one model Mandi shall be established at each district/tehsil according to direction at the early earliest which would be emulated /followed by others.

DHO would keep medical team ready for Mandi if Covid-19 testing is required for any suspected case from amongst management at the Mandi. Such team will be deployed on directions of deputy commissioner or other authorized officer. 

There should be specified entry and exit points properly manned by security/ Mandi administration personnel to ensure entry according to SOPs. 

All the areas should be clearly marked with sign boards and markings for directions and flow /movement of vehicles and persons place for veterinary staff shall earmarked for checking animal related diseases especially those that spread from animal to humans like Congo virus etc place for doctors/ medical /staff with first aid treatment shall be ensured at side of the mandi. 

There should also be a waiting area as well as a place for those who are suspected of Covid-19/ symptoms and will undergo Covid-19 testing.

There should be posters display at prominent places with instructions and awareness in Urdu, Pashto or the language commonly read /understood in the locality.

District administration would convene special district intelligence coordination committee meetings to formulate a security plan for Eid ul Azha. 

Commissioners /Deputy Commissioners would hold special meetings for the Eid Ul Azha/ Cattle Mandi arrangements and supervise the process. 

District Administration shall establish control room to be operational 24/7 for coordination with district police. 

There shall be a representation of District Administration and police at the mandi round the clock to oversee and report violations to district control room. Deputy Commissioners to impose section 144 when required. 

The SOPs decided by the Ulema for Eid-ul-Fitr shall be followed in letter and spirit for Eid Ul Azha.

All parks and recreational facilities shall remain closed on Eid days.