ISLAMABAD-Chairman of National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has said that they don’t consider the collection of TV fee through electricity bills a right approach and the authority has conveyed its reservations in this regard to the relevant quarters.

“We think that the collection of TV fee through electricity bills is not right approach have conveyed our reservations to the concerned forum,” said Chairman NEPRA, Tauseef H Farooqi here.

While presiding over Public Hearing-Consumer complaints regarding overbilling, loadshedding and performance of LESCO and MEPCO, chairman Nepra said that distribution companies should not indulge in bill collection.

During hearing, a participant raised the question of TV fee collection in electricity bills and said that do you (NEPRA) support the collection of TV fee by Discos?

Chairman NEPRA said that they don’t consider this right policy but this the government decision. However, he said that they conveyed their reservations to the concerned quarters.

During hearing Chief Executive Officer LESCO said that there is no loadshdding on the feeders where there is not loss. On the feeders with losses loadshedding is being conducted as per the government policy.

CEO Lesco said that the company established 10 new 132 KV grid stations to stabilize the system, in addition to installation of 16 new transformers. Lesco has also added 100 kilometers transmission line and upgradation of/ re-conducting of 50 kilometers of 132 KV transmission lines. Lesco is the only Disco where 56 KV system does not exist anywhere. There is no 11 KV feeder in Lesco where loadshedding is done.

He said that LESCO is picking the entire electricity it is receiving from the national grid. He said that power shutdown in a area due to fault is not loadshedding.

Chief Executive Officer MEPCO said that there is no forced loadshedding in the company’s domain. In Yousaf Wala, Vehari and Bahawalpur, there are problems because of the NTDC, he alleged.

Vice Chairman NEPRA said that problems in Yousaf Wala,Vehari and Bahawalpur means there is problem in half of MEPCO region.

When the demand exceeds the supply then MEPCO undertakes two hours loadshedding, CEO MEPCO said, adding that there is no loadshedding in Multan City.

He further said that in the areas with Kundas and loss making feeders they are doing loadshedding according the losses incurred there.

Replying a query regarding a meeting presided over by Minister for Foreign Affairs, Shah Mehmood Quershi, wherein the dissatisfaction was conveyed on Mepco’s performance, CEO said that the complaints of elected representatives were related to transfers and postings.

CEO MEPCO said that they cannot transfer their employees on the directive of the MNAs while there is ban on the transfer posting imposed by the federal government.

When asked if there is harassment case in MEPCO, CEO Mepco said, “Yes there are 200 women and there are harassment cases.”