BAJAUR - The district administration on Friday handed over compensation cheques to 96 residents whose houses have been used by the security forces in Bajaur tribal district. 

The cheques were given by Deputy Commissioner Fayyaz Khan at a ceremony held here. Elders, house owners and senior officials of the administration were present on the occasion. 

On the occasion, the deputy commissioner said the government and the district administration would never forget these great sacrifices of the house owners and said that their sacrifices would always be written in golden words. 

The DC said that giving personal houses to security forces by the house owners were truly a remarkable and difficult work.

However, he told the house owners that the federal government, security forces and administration were aware about their concerns and troubles they faced during that period. 

He was of the view that this amount was not the best reward of their great sacrifices and said that it was just a little effort of their assistance and encouragement.