Chairman Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has stated that people of Pakistan are on one page on the issue of sending Prime Minister Imran Khan packing.

While addressing a press conference on the completion of two years of the day when Imran Khan's PTI emerged as party with simple majority, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that 'it is a black day in the history of Pakistan. We all remember how this was made possible. In elections 2018, the results had come even after three days and those results do not have any legal standing. Polling agents were thrown out of polling stations and 90% of the forms 45 are still not available.'

Chairman PPP said that now 'the entire Pakistan and the people of Pakistan are on one page that Imran Khan has to leave PM seat. He has destroyed the economy of the country and our politics of the country and our democracy of the country. If he stays anymore, then the country’s economy, democracy and society will be at great loss. Imran Khan was brought on the slogan of corruption free Pakistan, it was said in PTI’s election manifesto that corruption will be eliminated in 90 days but now ask people of Pakistan about it. Ask Transparency International which is saying that corruption in PTI government is unprecedented and this is the most corrupt government in this history of Pakistan.'

He further said: 'Imran Khan had said that he will not give relief (NRO) to anyone but he introduced the biggest amnesty for corrupt people. There is corruption in every project like BRT, Malam Jabba, Billion Tree Tsunami etc. There is a clear case against the ministers and advisors who have declared their assets recently and a case of assets beyond means could easily be initiated against them. Imran Khan has given NRO to every kind of thief from sugary to wheat and from oil to Kulbhushan Jadhav.'

He stressed that: 'Imran Khan had to change the PM house and governor houses into universities but did not. He was supposed to travel on a bicycle but is using a helicopter. Imran Khan has taken a u-turn from all of his promises. He is ruling the country in the time of a pandemic which has put every Pakistani’s health and life in danger.'

Responding to questions, he said that 'we demand level playing field for every political party. PPP has always fulfilled is responsibility as opposition and it is legacy of the party that we always fulfill that responsibility. Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto fulfilled the responsibility of opposition with only 17 seats in the National Assembly. We think that PPP was always victimized in every election in Pakistan. We had accepted 2008 election results as protest. Every opposition party is doing its job. The government is bringing fake JITs against us and we are also facing NAB. PML-N is also playing its role as opposition and the leader of opposition will preside over the APC of opposition parties which will be held after Eid-ul-Azha.'