Chief Nursing Superintendent (CNS) Services Hospital Lahore, Kausar Tasneem has appreciated role of nurses in taking care of under treatment Corona patients.

In a statement issued here on Saturday, she emphasized that the nurses will continue their responsibilities with the same zeal and zest in future.

Kausar Tasneem said that appreciations certificates would be awarded to nurses each month for taking special care of the patients and ensuring better ward management to encourage them.

According to the policy of the Punjab Government, we have to work as a team to ensure quality healthcare which will further improve the position and fame of the Services Hospital, she added.

The CNS said that a clear policy has also been formulated to provide a clean environment and provision of better food quality to the nurses living in the hostel so that they can be provided better medication to the patients.

Kausar Tasneem said that the nursing department is very sacred and often the patient is more looked after here than any other department. Patients are brought in critical condition and their care should not be delayed in any way as people trust nurses more than doctors, she added.