It is shocking to note that while making a case in favour of Pukhtunkhwa, some chauvinist elements in NWFP are trying to undermine the importance of the under-privileged languages of the province. Obsessed with the plot to rename NWFP as Pukhtunkhwa, a bunch of narrow-minded people are trying to run down the status of Hindko, Seraiki and Kohistani languages just to give the impression that Pashto is the only language in the NWFP. Pashto is a major language, but not the mother tongue of the overwhelming majority of the province as being portrayed wrongly by proponents of the Pukhtunkhwa. It is highly unfortunate that whenever the supporters of the Pukhtunkhwa raise the demand for the renaming of the province according to their wishes, they simultaneously start belittling other languages and cultures. The opponents of Pukhtunkhwa strongly believe that renaming of the NWFP as Pukhtunkhwa is a step towards establishing the hegemony of the Pakhtuns over other oppressed nationalities of the province. We have our own distinct languages and cultures. The onslaught against these under-privileged languages and cultures being unleashed by the proponents of Pukhtunkhwa only strengthens our association with them. -FAIZAN AHMAD JAN, Kohat, via e-mail, June 15.