Mr Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan, has threatened Pakistan with sending his troops inside our territory to strike at targets he thinks pose a danger to Afghanistan. Well, that certainly is earthshaking news with long reaching implications. To analyze, there are two reasons behind this latest brag; one that since the US has been striking within Pakistan with impunity and at will, with no response from Pakistan, Mr Karzai has been emboldened to think he is capable of it too. Second, the pathetic state of disunity, chaos, and state of anarchy in Pakistan at present has made even this piddly, little pygmy to show bravado and threaten us. As to the first, it is up to our government to do the respectable thing and retaliate - in any number of ways - and not just whimper and cringe. Yes, there is a price to pay for maintaining dignified self-respect as a nation. Price we are already paying, and through our noses. But with our present policy, we will "eat the proverbial onions and get beaten with shoes too". As for the second, that is within our control as citizens of Pakistan. If we stop squabbling like miserable curs over personal and petty inessentials, we have the ability to rise above. I have full faith in that. Now can we? Will our political leaders be political leaders, and not warring warlords securing their personal fiefdoms at the cost of the people of Pakistan? -AYAZ AHMAD, Rawalpindi Cantt. , via e-mail, June 16.