ISLAMABAD - The criminal negligence on the part of PolyClinic Hospital staff claimed the life of one Nuzhat, 40-year-old, while the hospital administration suspended four employees including two doctors here on Wednesday. A 40-year-old woman died at PolyClinic Hospital due to transfusion of unmatched blood. As per details, two female patients with same initials, Nuzhat were admitted in the hospital. One of them Nuzhat Rafique was suffering from blood cancer while the second one Nuzhat Amir had been admitted in Gynaecology Department. Due to sheer negligence of doctors Nuzhat Rafique 40, was transfused blood B+ while her actual blood group was O+. The B+ blood was prescirbed to Nuzhat Amir but doctors showed sheer negligence and transfused B positive group to Nuzhat Rafique instead of O positive on Tuesday. On Tuesday evening Nuzhat Rafique complained of serious pain. However doctors on duty tried to save her life but she died on Tuesday night. Receiving complaints, the Federal Minister for Health Mir Aijaz Jackhrani took serious notice and directed the hospitals administration to probe into the matter. Following the directives of the minister, the concerned authorities held a inquiry and examined whole events thoroughly. Later, the inquiry committee found the doctors guilty and held two other persons including nurse and technician responsible for the death of Nuzhat Rafique, spokesman of Poly Clinic Dr Shareef Astori told this scribe. The committee comprising Dr Shareef Astori, Dr Rohi Khalil, blood bank officer and nursing superintended. The committee after probing into the matter presented a primarily report to the high ups.In their report they mentioned that Dr KD Bhatti, Dr Muhammad Bilal, and two other staff members were responsible for the death of Nuzhat Rafique. Soon after the primarily report, the hospital administration suspended them on Wednesday. Spokesman added. Spokesman further told that the Ministry of Health has also asked the hospital administration to submit a comprehensive report with in 72 hours regarding the tragic incident. He said in this regard, the administration of hospital have constituted a three members inquiry committee comprising Head of Medicine Department, Dr Ifthikar, Head of Gynaecologist Department, Dr Rifat Shaheen and Dr Farooq Malik. The committee would compile comprehensive report which would be submitted to Ministry of Health within 72 hours, the spokesman added. Meanwhile, when respective police station was contacted, it was learnt that no First Information Report was registered against the guilty doctors and others.