Islamabad- As many as 57 employees of Pakistan Air Force (PAF), mostly technicians, were arrested on charges of their contacts with terrorists and involvement in anti-state activities. Six officials, including Khalid Mehmood, Karam Din, Nawazish, Niaz, Adnan and Nasrullah were sentenced to death while 24 were arrested and dismissed from service for opposing policies of the then President Musharraf and his government. The PAF men who were found involved in having contacts with terrorists were tried by the military court and awarded vigorous imprisonments. The arrested accused and the convicts had been working at various airbases including Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra, Minhas Airbase, Sargodha Airbase, Lahore Airbase, Faisal Airbase and Mianwali Airbase. When contacted for comment, the PAF spokesman denied that any fresh arrests had been made saying: It is a five years old story, and some people were arrested in the wake of assassination attempt on former President Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf in 2004. The spokesman said few of them were tried by the military court and awarded punishments accordingly. Our Monitoring Desk adds: Over 50 Pakistan Air Force (PAF) officials have been court martialled following arrest on charges of having links with terrorists while an important PAF official who is also wanted is at large, reported a private TV channels on Wednesday. Action against some of the PAF officials over links with terrorists began during former president Pervez Musharrafs era. More arrests were made after a PAF official Mushtaq was apprehended. Of these, 26 had to face court martial and were awarded 3 to 17 years imprisonment, while six were awarded capital punishment on involvement in serious crimes. A wanted corporal technician Amir is also still at large whose photos have been affixed at all the air bases. Talking to a private TV channel, Pakistan Air Force spokesman Air Commodore Humayun Waqar said that the arrests had been made two years ago, and the step was taken in accordance with the law.