ISLAMABAD-Ambassador of Pakistan in the United Nations (UN), Hussain Haroon Wednesday said that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had appreciated the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) and assured his full support, because it was a unique programme across the world. While highlighting the impacts of Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) initiated by the government for poverty alleviation, he said, it had largely been commended by the United Nations (UN) and would be followed by many other countries. Distribution of Rs15 billion in a just and transparent manner is a great achievement of the government to empower the poor strata of the society, he said. The ambassador was addressing the media person along with Chairperson of BISP, Farzana Raja at BISP Secretariat Islamabad. Earlier, Federal Minister/Chairperson BISP Farzana Raja briefed Hussain Haroon about BISP. Haroon said that owing to splendid diplomatic efforts, Pakistan had emerged as the most important country on the world map. He informed that the Kashmir issue has been raised thrice at the UN during the last eight months. The world body has also included new Millennium Development Goals to eliminate poverty, human welfare and issue of global warming in its basic targets. President of Think Tank Private Limited (International) Dr Aamar Turabi also welcomed the BISP. Hussain Haroon said the UN Secretary General had included the programme in the topic of UN because of the global political situation and for the elimination of poverty and the welfare for the humanity. He particularly mentioned that President Asif Ali Zardari had himself briefed the UN Secretary General over BISP programme. The Ambassador welcomed the distribution of cheques worth Rs3,000 instead of Rs1,000 that was earlier suggested for the help of the poor. He said that BISP was a state policy, which would continue in future. The only duty of the UN was to resolve the warlike situation among the countries and international disputes, while Ban Ki Moon has included the new topic for the development of the new generation in the future. The UN Secretary General said that Farzana Raja should make this programme a success and when she would come again, the UN would help her beyond expectation, he added. Hussian Haroon said that UN also included the Millennium Development Goals and Global Warming and kept in view the safe drinking water and shortage of agricultural produce. The UN also included the economic recession in its chapter.