LAHORE - A 15-year-old girl injured critically after she fell down from the second floor of the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau building at GT Road near Shalamar Garden early on Wednesday. The victim girl identified as Mubeen, resident of Kasur, was in the custody of Child Protection Bureau for the last three weeks. She was handed over to the Child Protection Bureau by the police officials three weeks back after they found her standing at Lorry Adda helpless. The hospital doctors said that according to injured Mubeen, the Child Protection Welfare Bureau employees had not allowed her to go back to her parents despite her repeated requests. In a bid to escape from the Welfare Bureau custody, she came out of a broken window of a room situated at the second floor and was trying to climb down through a sewer pipe when suddenly she lost balance and fell down on the ground. As a result, she sustained multiple injuries. She was shifted to the Mayo Hospital with critical head injuries and fractured jaw by the Rescue 1122 officials. The girl was being treated at the West Medical Ward of the Mayo Hospital. Mubeen remained unconscious for hours and after regaining senses she told the doctors that the Child Protection Bureau employees kept her locked in a small room for two weeks where she could not move and resultantly fell ill. The employees did not pay heed to her requests when she informed them about her falling health. She told the doctors that two days back, an employee of the bureau took pity on her and opened the lock of the door to have a walk in the corridor of the second floor saying that it (walk) could help improve her health. Mubeen said in her attempt to escape from the building she fell down. While giving further details, Mubeen told the doctors that her parents left her at a villa near Kalma Chowk some weeks back where she was working as housemaid. She was not allowed to meet her parents. Three weeks back, she told the doctors, she managed to escape from the villa and mistakenly reached Lorry Adda instead going back to Kasur. The policemen patrolling in the said area however captured her and later handed her over to the Child Protection Bureau. Mubeen said she had informed the Bureau officials about her whereabouts but they locked her in a room instead sending her back to her parents in Kasur.