Proof, if any was needed, about the gross incompetence of the present managers of Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) has been provided by the catastrophic electricity failure that started on the evening of 17th and continued through the night into the afternoon of 18th June. The entire Karachi was in pitched dark all this while. Some people must have died in the operation theatres, in ICUs and CCUs, and some emergency cases may have been caught up in the ensuing traffic jams. The over one crore population of Karachi has been subjected to horrendous torture in this stifling heat. The worst hit were women in child-labour, children in dehydration, the asthmatics and the sick. And what did we get from the government? Empty statements. It is time our incompetent government went beyond empty threats to the present KESC management. The key position-holders in KESC should be summarily dismissed as well as the position holders in the ministry of power. Better still, hang all of them to set an example. The minister for power must be dismissed in disgrace. The KESC must be taken back from the present management and all their securities confiscated. -DR ZAHEER ASGHAR KHAN, Lahore, via e-mail, June 19.