LAHORE - Khajista Rehan, Lecturer Punjab University Law College, has resumed the charge of superintendent Hostel No 9 and 10 following a court ordered her restoration after suspending the PU administration orders of removal from the post. The registrar Punjab University had forwarded the interim order of the Lahore High Court to Chairman Hall Council, Prof Mohammad Akhtar of the Zoology Department. Subsequently, he issued restoration order in light of the interim court directive. The varsity administration had not posted any other official as her replacement. However, the additional charge of the two hostels was assigned to Tabassum Jamal of the Geography Department, warden of Hostel No 7. Khajista Rehan however blamed that as the warden of Hostel No 9 Farah Kanwal of Chemistry Department obeyed the orders, the warden of Hostel No 10 had directed the employees to work at hostel No 7 and thus tried to create fuss. Perhaps she was doing so out of ignorance, she added. The two hostel, No 9 and 10, are meant for girls at the New Campus. The Hostel No 9 with a total of 80 rooms has the capacity of 150 inmates while 62 girls are accommodated in the Hostel No 10. Most of the rooms are occupied by the School of Biological Sciences and are locked, which were built by the school administration. The Hostel No 10 accommodates research scholars of MPhil and PhD and a single person occupies each room. It also houses at least 13 foreign students, while one of the LLM students belongs to the PU Law College. The hostel No 9 mainly accommodates the students of MSc and MS. According to the Hall Council statues, the superintendent is responsible for all administrative matters of the hostel including the mess, while allotment is made by the chairman of the council. Khajista said all the allegations by the PU administration were baseless as no outsider was living in the Hostel No 9 or 10. A girl, mentioned as an illegal occupant of a room in Hostel No 10, was the assistant superintendent of the hostel who was living after a court granted her stay orders. Khajista Rehan claimed that following her dispute with the Law College administration, she had not been given any period in a class since the last three months.