A robot that can display seven different emotions including joy and disgust, has been unveiled at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. The humanoid called Kobian uses its entire body to reflect each different feeling. It has mobile eyebrows, eyelids and a rather startling pair of bright pink lips. It also features a double jointed neck that helps it achieve more expressive postures. To show sadness Kobian is programmed to close its eyelids and bend forward as it brings its hand to its forehead. For joy the robot opens its mouth and eyes wide and raises its arms in the air in a kind of victory salute. For disgust it purses its lips and withdraws one hand in an effeminate manner. It was built by researchers led by Professor Atsuo Takanashi from Waseda University and robot manufacturer tmsuk, based in southern Japan. The Kobian robot was first presented to the IEE conference on computer communications in 2008 as a potential carer for the elderly. Initially Kobian's expressions were shown using only the head but researchers added fully body movement after users said they found the robot difficult to interpret. As well as expressing emotions, Kobian can also walk around, perceive its environment and perform tasks. DM