LAHORE - A passage discovered in the Lahore Fort during evacuation beneath the bedroom of Mughal Emperor Shahjahan is still waiting further exploration and research for establishing its significance, importance and relevancy due to lack of experts. The fort sources said on Wednesday that the passageway was discovered when the management was searching the original carpeted floor furnished during the Mughal era. We found the passage during a digging meant initially to find out the floor prepared during the Mughal period. The evidences like fresco paintings and architecture style on the walls of the passage relate it to the early Mughal period especially Shahjahan, but nothing could be said with conviction at this stage, sources added. They are of the opinion that from its current appearance one can regard it a corridor leading to the royal bathroom, which may be used during the Shahjahan era as all the signs show the aesthetic sense of the emperor. The management of the Lahore Fort says the historians including the experts of Archaeology Department of Punjab University and UNESCO are examining the old maps of the Lahore Fort during the Maharaja Ranjit Singhs rule. According to an official, they found an indication that this passage was blocked during the war fought between Sheer Singh and Rani Chand in 1842 when the later bombarded from the pillars of Badshahi Mosque Shahjahans bedroom in the fort. After the bombardment the passage including the attached room was covered with rubble. Afzal Khan, Curator of the Lahore Fort, while sharing the details about the newly found passage, said, You can observe the tunnel going deeper underground along with many indications of an attached room, leading people to believe as if it is the starting point of the passage, but the facts are still veiled from the eyes of the experts. If it was a just wall then there would have been no reason to build a tunnel like this, he said in reply to a question. We all want to know what this passage is. But all depends upon the experts as to what is their judgement, he added. A Punjab Archaeology Department official disclosed that the experts had been waiting for the input by the technical committee. On the basis of the findings, the fort management would decide whether to explore the passage further or not. He says in case the passage is found more valuable archeologically than the bedroom of Shahjahan, than the experts would make further exploration.