KARACHI - National Commission for Human Development Literacy (NCHD) has once again revived its activities in Sindh province, which earlier had been abolished due to paucity of funds, informed sources in the head office told The Nation on Wednesday. The sources said that NCHD had started working in various parts of interior Sindh, but initially, was not working in Karachi; rather, it was focussing on the deprived and undeveloped parts of interior Sindh. So far as the metropolis is concerned, a lot of NGOs, CDGK and Sindh Govt are already working here on various projects in the education sector. It has provided many opportunities and chances to the citizens in the metropolis. Whereas, the rural parts are at large deprived of such projects. That is why NCHD is at first preferring the deprived and uneducated segment of society in the province and its result is appearing rapidly, an Islamabad based official said. Sources in the department also mentioned that a total of 1537 centres had been opened in various parts of the city to increase the literacy ratio. While overall in Sindh province, 25,859 centres have been opened and 0.60m people have been educated through those centres. The prime target of NCHD is to ensure 100 percent enrolment of children aging from 5 to 7 in the country by 2015, while increasing the literacy among the adults as soon as possible. Sources in the department said that universal primary education and adult literacy were the main components of the department, while they are also focusing on the quality education and teachers training. Sources mentioned that the NCHD mainly worked out 90 percent on women literacy because an educated mother or a housewife would play an important role for the nurturing of its family and its impact would be upon the whole generation. Thus, the women are being focussed up to 90pc in the adult literacy project. The sources also disclosed that provincial coordinators had been sent into the Sindh Province, where they were working for past few months and making their efforts to get enrolled the children aging 5 to 7. Considerably, they have succeeded to get enrolled 20pc of the subjected age children, the sources claimed. He further said that 8.2m children were out of school across the country and the ratio of drop out of school children is 50pc. According to the statistics of the department from 2002- 08, NCHD has succeeded to graduate 2.5m uneducated people, out of them, 90pc are women.