Thousands of non-governmental organizations are working in Pakistan. Before their mushrooming growth, individuals have left their mark on history for serving disadvantaged and marginalized sections of the society. Miskeen Jahan Khan Khoso dedicated his life to serving the oppressed people of Sindh. Khan Muhammad Panhwar through his Goth Sudhar Sangat mobilized thousands of youth in rural parts of Sindh. The living legend Abdus Sattar Edhi is a household name in Pakistan due to great social services he has rendered, especially in providing shelter to orphan children and elderly persons abandoned by their families. Persons like Edhi are eulogized for their service to humanity. Majority of the NGOs in this country are providing jobs to the youth in these trying times of limited employment opportunities. Several aid workers and those from NGOs in northern areas have sacrificed their lives in the line of noble duty. Some NGOs, through their corrupt practices, have also brought bad name to the civil society groups and are working contrary to their stated objectives and the policies of their donors. In Johi, district Dadu more than 15 funded and non-funded NGOs are at work. Some of them have brought social awakening and political consciousness among the local communities. But some have also tarnished the image of others by embezzling money. -PARIAL RODNANI, Johi, district Dadu, via e-mail, June 20.