LAHORE - A PIA Boeing 747 suffered a major structural damage and escaped a major disaster on Tuesday when its tail touched the runway while landing at Lahore Airport. However, this Flight No Pk-304 landed safely with over 250 passengers on board including the crew. The extent of the structural damage has yet to be ascertained by the authorities. It has been reported that a trainee co-pilot made the horrendous landing. The aircraft has been grounded at Lahore Airport and could not depart for its scheduled flight to Jeddah from Lahore. It has been learnt that the Captain of the Boeing 747 is amongst those who were hired on contract after retirement. PIA which had previously extended the age of flying from 60 years to 62 years for pilots has now further extended the age to 65 years. This aged aircraft which PIA has retained for Umrah, Haj and other non-scheduled operations following the ban imposed on it by the European Union. Recently, an ATR also crash-landed at Lahore Airport, which , went off the runway, severely damaging the landing gear and going out of control. The FAA is seriously re-evaluating stricter medical evaluation of pilots flying beyond 60 years, following the recent death of a Continental Captain who died on controls flying a Boeing 777, from Brussels to New York. The Captain was over 60 years of age and had been rehired after retirement by Continental Airlines.