The 24-hour power failure in Karachi brought a lot of discomfort to the citizens. For years, the KESC has been running inefficiently because of rampant corruption, massive power theft and mass hiring of incompetent employees on recommendation of the major political power brokers of this city. It was then privatized in a controversial manner by Musharraf. Later, the management was handed over to the Abraj Group of Dubai, which is reportedly connected to the man on the hill whose family resides in the Gulf. The situation of the water distribution network in Karachi is just as bad, a natural consequence of the corruption, kickbacks and bhatta prevalent here. Water is available at water filling stations located within the city, yet shockingly, it does not flow through water taps in numerous residential and commercial societies of this great city. The abominable kunda system for pilfering electricity is in place all over the city and continues unhindered because no action can be taken that could endanger the coalition between the centre and city. -NASIR K. KAKAKHEL, Peshawar, via e-mail, June 20.