Ever since the election of Mr Obama as the first black President of the US with a thumping majority, the radical white minority groups have let loose a campaign of vilification against the president and his policies particularly his Cairo speech extending a hand of friendship to the Muslim world at the cost of Israel. The powerful Jewish lobby which controls the media are against Obama's soft corner for the Muslim world, while die-hard anti-Jewish elements have also become aggressively active. Recently, an 88 year old white supremacist James W Von Burnn with an anti-Semitic past opened fire with a rifle inside the crowded Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington killing a black security guard. He was shot by another guard and is now lying at the hospital in critical condition. This was the first time that the museum opened in 1993 housing exhibits and records of the Holocaust has been attacked. Likewise, a medical doctor George Tiller, who has been performing abortions in his clinic in Kansas, was gunned down by a rabid anti-abortion evangelist Christian in Dr Tiller's church. According to the US media, anti-abortion Republican conservatives who have been fighting against abortions for years have finally succeeded in taking the life of a Christian doctor who had been one of America's few doctors performing late-term abortions and maintained a high profile even after he was shot in both arms by an anti-abortion activist in 1993. According to American political analysts, these two incidents indicate a surge in radicalism in a section of American population, mostly belonging to anti-Obama republicans. According to New York Times, the number of anti-Obama emails received at a TV network are becoming more and more frightening in recent months. These emails are spewing hatred against President Obama, to the extent of that one mail has quoted the gunman who went on a killing spree in the Holocaust Museum a few furlongs away from the White House, said: "Obama was not a nationally born citizen of the US." Likewise, a TV host called him: "Tiller, the baby killer." These words sadly signify a serious downturn in the psyche of US citizens. This was also evident during President Obama's election campaign when hotheadeds person greeted Obama's name with "treason and terrorist." In the Republican Party, the New York Times analyst writes: "What is this fury about? In his scant 145 days in office, the new president has not remotely matched the Bush record in deficit creation. Nor has he repealed the right to bear arms or exacerbated the wars he has inherited. He has tried more than his predecessor ever did to reach across the aisle. But none of that seems to matter. A sizeable minority of Americans is irrationally fearful of the fast moving generational, cultural and racial turnover Obama embodies indeed, of the 21st century itself. That minority is now getting angrier in inverse relationship to his popularity with the vast majority of the country. Change can be frightening and traumatic, especially if it's not change you can believe in." Obama's Cairo address prompted accusations reminiscent of the election campaign rally "cries of treason." A senior former Reagan defence official Frank Gaffney wrote in Washington Times: "The president who is a lifelong Christian may still be a Muslim and is aligned with the dangerous global movement known as the Muslim Brotherhood." Gaffney indirectly linked Obama with Islamic charities which provide material support for terrorism. A Hollywood actor, John Voight, in a speech at a Republican Party meeting, expressed the wish to "bring an end to this false prophet." This kind of rhetoric which is getting louder each day may prove very harmful for the Obama presidency. It is indeed the worst kind of radicalism hardly ever witnessed in the US. On the light side of the news, was a story of President Obama's swatting and killing a fruit fly during a TV interview at the White House and saying: "I got the sucker." The president boasted after fatally slapping the fly on the back of his hand and crushing it under his foot. Michael Dickenson who is doing a research on the bio-mechanics of insect flight says: "That when one is poised to swat a fly, its tiny brain calculates the location of the impending threat and it comes up with an escape plan, and hops out of the way in the opposite direction." This entire programme takes place within about 100 milliseconds after the fly first saw the swatter. The writer is former director news, PTV