RAWALPINDI (Online) - The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has prepared Rs792.162 million annual budget for the financial year 2009-10 and presented it before the finance committee for approval. Sources in the authority Wednesday told that the total expenditures of Rs 751.755 have been proposed in the budget with Rs 87.190 million for non-developmental and Rs 664.565 million for developmental expenditures. The authority has set target of its own revenue Rs 104 million, while Rs 216.825 was a closing balance and total Rs 320 million revenue was expected. According to sources, the authority generates revenue for pensions, salaries, medical facilities, TA DA from its own resources. The budget includes Rs 0 million for construction of parking plaza near Fawara Chowk, Rs 10 million for business hits in Sherpao Colony, Rs 20 million for Vizta Housing Scheme, Rs 20 million for basement of City Blay Ward under public private partnership, Rs 40 million for aerial survey of parks, Rs 10 million for Lai Expressway, Rs 6 million for feasibility report of construction of link road from Airport to High Court, Rs 500 million for construction of underground roads near Marir Chowk, Rs 5.552 million for installation of new traffic signals from Asghar Mall Chowk to Siddiqui Chowk and Rs 150 million for of extension of Dhok Kamba and Syed Khan Roads. Meanwhile, the government of Punjab has approved Rs 1.60 billion for the upgradation of Rawal Town filtration plant. Sources told this Agency here on Wednesday that work on the project would start from July 1 aimed to remove bad smell of plant water. Due to wastage of kutchi abadi and poultry farms, the town administration had sent the scheme to the Punjab government to get clean drinking from the plant, which would provide clean water to 0.8 million people daily. According to details, Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) Rawalpindi had proposed to the Punjab government to further filter and remove smell of the water being transported throughout the city. According to sources, the present filtration plant was installed in 1962 and huge amount has been approved for its upgradation. Sources said the Punjab government had directed the WASA to start work on the scheme after consultation with upgradation consultant.