KARACHI - Meteorological Department on Wednesday advised fishermen not to enter the deep-sea water during next 24 to 48 hours as sea flood has entered various localities of fishermen. The localities included Ketti Bandar of Thatta, Kharo chaan, Kalka Channi, and other Goths of district Thatt, the Nation has learnt. Chief Meteorologist, Raiz Khan, has said that the sea surface condition was 'rough to very rough and waves were gaining 6-meter height. He further said that it would be difficult for fishermen to survive in such harsh condition, adding that south of Sindh is expecting rain during next 24 hours. Light rain is also expected in Karachi city, he added. Meanwhile Pakistan Fisher folk Forum spokesman said that besides meteorologists, experienced fishermen also had warned that as the monsoon season has started in month of June and flood spate in the sea increasing rapidly and sea water entered some of the localities of fishermen resides at the costal belts of the province. Currently the sea pressure is forwarding from Indian Gujrat and Run of Kutch side towards Sindhs costal belt including the coastal sites of Karachi such as Ibrahim Hyderi, Rehri Goth and Chashma Goth. According to the local fishermen, the sea level is more than 4-fit high to the normal sea level at the costal belts, which is a dangerous sign and fishermen should be alert during next 48 hours, he added.