WASHINGTON - US President Barack Obama has decided nominate an ambassador to Syria, ending a four-year absence of a top US envoy to the country, officials said. Its in our interests to have an ambassador in Syria, a senior Obama administration official told CNN Tuesday. We have been having more and more discussions, and we need to have someone there to engage. Imad Moustapha, Syrias Ambassador to the US, has been told of the decision, an official told the New York Times. Obama has not selected a nominee for the post, the Times reported Wednesday. The new ambassador would have to be confirmed by the Senate. Its a reflection of Syria being a pivotal country in terms of achieving a comprehensive peace in the region, an official said. The George W Bush administration withdrew the ambassador to Syria in 2005 to protest the assassination of former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri. Washington suspected Syria of being involved in the attack, a charge Syrian officials deny. Since then, a charge daffaires has been the highest-ranking American diplomat assigned to Damascus.