The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organised violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do.-Samuel Huntington, The Clash of Civilisations One of the most potent, powerful, effective, forceful, destructive and lethal instrument of organised violence in the contemporary technological and media prone political culture has been the use of propaganda warfare by the West against its adversaries. It is precisely this technique that is being applied now by the US and its Western European allies to destabilise Iran in the wake of Ahmadinejad's landslide victory in the presidential election. The West would rather have a puppet regime in Tehran to carry out its political-military-economic-cultural and regional/global domination agenda. Last Friday, the British Foreign Office in London called in the Iranian charge d'affaires and told him that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's comments at prayers in Tehran were "unacceptable". In blatant interference in the internal affairs of Iran, Britain's Foreign Office launched its propaganda and media warfare against Iran by denouncing Khamenei's support of the legitimate victory of Ahmadinejad's second term presidential win. The Foreign Office said: "We made it clear to the Iranian charge that the supreme leader's comments were unacceptable and not based on fact." The question that all of us should be asking is: Who the hell is Britain to interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign country and make such sweeping unsubstantiated judgments on the outcome of the Iranian election? After all, this is not the 19th and 20th century colonialism - we live in a different world, yet to be reconciled by the imperialist mindset of the West's political establishment and its colossal disregard and disrespect of the aspirations of the masses in Third World countries. The British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, said: "I believe it is right for us to speak out against repression, to speak out in condemnation of violence, to speak out where a free media is prevented from doing its job and we will continue to do that." My heartfelt congratulations to you, Mr Prime Minister, on your worthy and noble aspirations for humanity's emancipation from repression and violence, and the creation of a free world. But we all have a fundamental question to ask you: Why does the West continue to live with such outlandish contradictions, denial of reality and the political "modus operandi" of an unjust and unfair political machine that belies and contradicts all of your noble thoughts when it comes to dealing with the Third World and the Muslim nations in particular? Let me ask you, Mr Prime Minister, a straight question: Did you express yourself with such intensity against oppression, violence and human rights violations when Gaza was mercilessly bombed, when half a million children were killed in Iraq because of the West's economic sanctions, when thousands upon thousands are killed in Afghanistan and Iraq where your and your allies' military troops operate with absolute impunity? Have you considered the implications of your fabricated War on Terror and its resultant destructive humanitarian crisis in Pakistan and Afghanistan? Or none of this, in your considered judgement, is violence, repression and a violation of human rights? Tell us, Mr Prime Minister, how can anyone live with such ignorance, darkness of heart and mind, blindness of visionary thoughts, unawareness of global human conditions, indifference to the human consciousness, and above all, with being the epitome of hypocrisy, pretense, insincerity and sanctimony? We in the Muslim world have come to understand your political culture's psychic imbalance, its hostile antagonism against the rest of the world and its mindless pursuit to dominate. It is an ailing condition of the Western political mind, an obsession with power and control, and a dangerous sign of escalating future global conflict. We are also fully aware of your alacrity and promptness in the use of military force, violence and propaganda warfare to realise your goals. We will fight you with political processes with greater participation and expression of the masses sentiments in the affairs of our nations' internal and external affairs (we are unable to match your military superiority - but you will receive a befitting response should you attempt military adventurism against Iran). Your political animosity and ill will towards us is leading to an enhanced democratic path in our countries. (And you may not like who we choose democratically) The recent Iranian presidential election and Ahmadinejad's overriding victory is a visible and clear indication of the fact that the masses have poised themselves politically to battle the West's political, economic and cultural domination and take control of their own national identity and destiny. It is a complete political renaissance, if the West cares to understand the undercurrents and the dynamics of this ongoing democratic process in Iran. Coming back to the facts of the present Iranian presidential elections, let me enlighten Prime Minister Brown, President Obama and the members of the US Senate: The only real information that reflects the will of the Iranian voters is a pre-election poll conducted by the non-profit Center for Public Opinion and the non-profit New America Foundation that showed Ahmadinejad leading by more than 2 to 1. The poll results were published in the June 15 Washington Post, wrote Paul Craig Roberts, the former US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during the Reagan administration. Roberts goes further to question the sources of the Western media for unleashing propaganda warfare against the elected Iranian president and the entire election process in Iran: "What is the source of the information for the US media and the American puppet states?...Nothing but the assertions of the defeated candidate, the one America prefers (and by implication the preference of the Western powers)." But the most alarming yet perhaps the most accurate of Paul Craig Roberts' observations is on the political motives of the US and its Western allies - the unchanged mindset in their continued desire to dominate and endlessly carry on the socio-cultural-economic exploitation of the entire Muslim world: There have been numerous news reports that the US government has implemented a programme to destabilise Iran. There have been reports that the US government has financed bombings and assassinations within Iran. The US media treats these reports in a braggadocio manner as illustrations of the American 'superpower's' ability to bring dissenting countries to heel, while some foreign media see these reports as evidence of the US government's inherent immorality. As a person who has seen it all from inside the US government, I believe that the purpose of the US government's manipulation of the American and puppet government media is to discredit the Iranian government by portraying the Iranian government as an oppressor of the Iranian people and a frustrater of the Iranian people's will. This is how the US government is setting up Iran for military attack. It is for the Iranian nation to democratically defend itself and for the rest of the Muslim world to join together to diplomatically defeat the Anglo-American designs. We must not forget that the present ongoing propaganda warfare against Iran's presidential election is an instrumental application of the West's traditional and powerful organised violence against all of us - against all nations, against all people, including ignorant, innocent, brain-washed Americans. We are all in it together and must struggle against it It is an opportune moment for our political, moral, democratic and intellectual revival The American masses should join us too How long will the American people continue to support war after war after war? How long will they support this mindlessness - This organised media violence against humanity? The writer is a professor, political analyst and conflict-resolution expert. E-mail: