LAHORE PML-N candidate Malik Saiful Malook Khokhar defeated PTIs Malik Zaheer Abbas Khokhar in PP-160 by securing 27,798 votes while his rival bagged 19,432 votes, according to unofficial results of Provincial Election Commission. Jamaat-i-Islamis Malik Jahangir Hussain Bara came third with 7,957 votes. A total of 56,314 votes were cast while 546 were rejected. Ten candidates faced each other on the political battleground of PP-160 but the real competition took place between Malik Saif and Malik Zaheer. The polling started at 8:00 am at 145 polling stations and continued till 5:00 pm without any interval, however, polling was halted at some points after reports of alleged fake votes casting and disturbances. While, 51 polling stations were established for men and 48 for women and 46 were combined polling stations. The registered voters in the constituency were 187,933. The candidates of PTI, JI and their supporters accused administration of pressurising voters to support PML-N candidate at some polling stations. Polling was held under strict security measures, as more than 40 polling stations were declared sensitive. To ensure law and order and dealing with any untoward incident, the Rangers had been deployed in and outside the polling stations with Quick Response Force put on high alert. At the beginning of the polling, the turnout was low, but it gained momentum in the noon, while the pace of turnout in the suburban areas of the constituency was good throughout the polling process. The empty roads found packed in many localities of the area in the evening especially at the main polling stations of the constituency. The camp offices, set up by the candidates, added more colour to the election festivity aiming at provision of guidance to the voters. The entire constituency was decorated with banners and hoardings in support of candidates of PML-N and PTI. Maximum electoral activity was witnessed at the camps of PML-N and PTI backed candidates. The participation of the active supporters of both the PML-N and PTI at major polling stations of the constituency found dancing on the beat of drums continuously. Interestingly, PTI candidate Zaheer who was former MNA from NA-128 and had a strong political background as his uncle Karamat is a well-known personality, gained support following fiery campaign speeches by PTI Chairman Imran Khan. Meanwhile, exchange of hot words among the workers and supporters of PML-N, PTI and JI was witnessed at some polling stations. However, a major incident of hand-to-hand combat between PML-N and PTI supporters took place outside the polling station of Shadiwal. While, the police had also joined the battle between PML-N and PTI workers at the last moments of the polling, as they baton-charged the charged workers. The scuffle started when the PTI workers alleged that the PML-N supporters for managing casting of fake votes and tried to stop the PML-N activists from foul play, while the scuffle intensified when elder brother of PML-N candidate Malik Afzal reached there along with more party supporters. At the end, PTI workers held a protest demonstration in front of the Shadiwal polling station against alleged PML-N foul play and set on fire banners and posters of the PML-N candidate.