MULTAN - The Multan Electric Power Company (Mepco) has completed electrification of 22482 new villages in entire region at a cost of over Rs13.52 billion during last six years. Mepco sources disclosed on Thursday that the electrification schemes were launched under Peoples Works Programme, MNA/Senators Grant, Peoples Works Programme-11 PMD, Khushal Pakistan Programme-1 & 11, MPA Grant and Mepcos own development programme. According to details, as many as 3580 villages were given electricity with a spending of about Rs. 1.59 billion in year 2005-06 while 5001 were electrified in financial year 2006-07 at a cost of over Rs3.11 billion. Similarly, Rs. 1.87 billion was spent on electrification of 3113 villages in 2007-08 while 3221 new villages were supplied electricity in 2008-09 with a spending of Rs. 2.23 billion. As many as 4270 new villages were illuminated at a cost of Rs2.42 billion in 2009-10 while the electrification of 3297 new villages is done at a cost of Rs2.31 billion in ongoing financial year so far.