LAHORE The legislators kept the tradition of creating rumpus at the Punjab Assembly though at the fag end of the Fridays proceedings, which brought spice to the sitting to an otherwise 'matter-of-the fact day. The House proceedings were going on smoothly when at the closing moments PPPs legislator Sagheera Islam levelled serious allegations against two Member National Assembly and one her colleague from Sheikhupura district. After Sagheera completed her speech on the supplementary budget, PML-N MPA Ali Asghar Manda stood up on point of order to respond to the allegations of his colleague from the Opposition benches. But vocal ladies, mainly the Q-League legislator Samina Khawar Hayat and PPP lady Sagheera Islam, stood up and started speaking loudly. Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal repeatedly asked the ladies to sit down and listen to Mandas 'mantra. But to no avail since the Opposition ladies did not allow Manda to speak even after the Chairs threat regarding taking action if the smooth proceedings were disturbed. It all started when Sagheera Islam, while taking part in the general discussion on the Supplementary Budget, observed that spending huge sums money on the police was of no use and had no justification as the law and order situation was going from bad to the worst. While referring to ever-increasing crime rate in her home district Sheikhupura, the vocal PPP legislator alleged two PML-N MNAs Rana Tanvir Hussain and Mian Javaid Latif and one MPA from the same party Ali Asghar Manda for patronising criminals. She was of the view that 'weak District Police Officer was a silent spectator since he could not do anything. Sheikhupura has become Rana state. Rana Tanvir Hussain, Mian Javaid Latif and Ali Asghar Manda are patronising looters, criminals and extorters. They have got appointed a weak officer as DPO, who is obliging the N-League legislators, Sagheera Islam said. The Speaker directed that no member should indulge in personal attack on others. He expunged objectionable remarks against legislators from the House proceedings. When Manda tried to respond to the Opposition ladies, the latter stood up and started speaking loudly. They contended that there was no tradition of responding to the speech of a legislator. The Chair said the lady had levelled allegations and now the House should listen to the response of Manda, but the vocal ladies were not in the mood of listening to their colleague. Manda, however, continued to speak while the ladies were not listening, even to the repeated warnings of the Speaker. In the noise, one could stretch his ears to listen Manda saying that all the allegations were baseless, and aimed at his character assassination. I exposed her (Sagheera) party leadership in my speech during general debate on budget. That is why she has levelled allegations against me, Manda contended.