RAWALPINDI - The frail vehicle checking and frisking by the police at Ghuun Galli and Lehterar check-posts, located within the jurisdictions of the Police Station (PS) Kotli Sattian, has given a free hand to the robbers and wrongdoers, who loot the vehicle owners travelling in the areas during night or even sometime in day light. Although there has been a lot of talk or claims are made by Rawalpindi police bigwigs about strict security arrangements in these areas but in real there is no proper mechanism of checking or frisking is being adopted by the police of the vehicles (both public and private) going from Rawalpindi to Lehterar, Biaga, Sangroyan, Galli, Karl, Burj, Kotli Sattian, Maalot, Azadi Chowk and Bagh (Azad Kashmir). During four late night visits paid by this scribe last week to Lehterar, Kottli Sattian and Biaga, it was witnessed that no police official was performing his duty on the both check-posts whereas the vehicle owners were moving in shape of convoy in a bid to save from any untoward incident. The negligence of police officials of Ghuun Galli and Lehterar check-posts led to a sadistic incident of car robbery at Jhamara Stop Biaga, located just at stone-throw distance from Lehterar police check-post, when four armed car lifters snatched Corolla XLI by injuring the driver with iron rods. However, the locals did a great job and caught the four robbers by blocking the road at Burj and handed them over to police, who despite getting timely information reached late on the scene. It not only damaged the reputation of the PS Kotli Sattian officials, it has also created a sense of insecurity among the residents of the areas and those who travel through this area. Interestingly, police officials of Kotli Sattian, when this scribe contacted them on Friday, were counting the capturing of the four robbers as their great success, but they were responsible for the happening of this crime otherwise. According to sources, on 14/6/2011 four persons hired a Corolla XLI (LEC-1296) from Lahore to visit Murree. The four passengers opt the o Lehterar Road, which was deserted and considered dangerous for travelling in night, to reach their destination. But as they reached near Biaga at 5:30 a.m. on 15/6/2011, the car lifters tied the driver namely Tasawar Hussain with ropes and hit him with iron tools of the car and throw him at Jhamra Stop, 3km away from Lehterar Police check post, assuming that he had died. Nonetheless, a local, who was going to office at that time, stopped after seeing a man laying injured along with the road. The injured driver, who hardly restored his conscious, told the local his ordeal, on which the local immediately made a phone call to nearby Lehterar Police check post but no body responded. He then contacted the transporters, who were present at Burj, and informed them about the incident. The transporters while responding quickly blocked the road by parking their Toyota Hiaces in the middle and intercepted the stolen car.