ISLAMABAD - Former information minister Senator Muhammed Ali Durrani cautioned on Friday the nation against a US plan to shift its war from Afghanistan to Pakistan, saying that President Barrack Obamas recent statement hinted that the US was covertly planning to defame Pakistan Army and create anarchy paving way for US forces to enter Pakistan under the garb of the UN. The US is defaming Pakistan Army to spark an anarchy-like situation in Pakistan. It is unfortunate to note that some politicians are also fulfilling the US agenda by attacking the army in the wake of the recent happenings. The politicians should not prove to be tools of the US covert policy to slander the armed forces. Under the constitution, we have to understand that counter-terrorism is not a responsibility of the defence ministry rather it is primarily a responsibility of the ministry of interior, the former minister said during a press conference here. He stated that the counter-terrorism was a subject to be dealt with by the police and paramilitary forces and the armed forces should not be held responsible for terrorism acts. Media interaction proved to be a rare event when a politician spoke his heart out on the recent political and security situation in the wake of post Osama operation in Abbottabad, he said. The senator said being a Pakistani, it was his duty to convey what he perceived about the upcoming challenges the country was faced with so that the political leadership could analyse the situation and chalk out a counter strategy. At a time when the country is faced with such an unprecedented situation on its borders and internal fronts, there are some politicians who are damaging the forces by hurling unnecessary criticism or uselessly defending it. Is it necessary for the politicians to sing the same tune against the army, which is being used by the US administration? It is irony of the situation that the politicians are bent upon dragging the army back into politics when the soldiers want to stay away, he deplored. If the politicians want the army to stay away from the political issues, they should not drag them into political mess. Neither the politicians should be spokesmen of the army nor they should attack the army, he elaborated. He said politicians have been a part of the dictatorial regimes and they should better understand that now in the changed scenario, the soldiers wanted to focus on professional matters and meet the challenges they had been facing. Parliament, judiciary, army and media are national institutions and the politicians should not target them and rather they should take steps to defend them and strengthen them. The parliament is independent today like the media and judiciary. Today the parliament is not subservient to the army and rather it is subservient to the family dictatorship. It should get rid of such shackles the way media and judiciary got independence, he added.