ISLAMABAD - The election campaign for Azad Jammu and Kashmir elections came to a close on Thursday midnight with all the turbulence and added flare due to stepping in of mainstream Pakistani leaders amid wild allegations and warnings from almost all stakeholders about the rigging in these elections. Even in the closing day rallies, PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif repeated his warnings against PPPs alleged plan to rig the elections, saying and warned that if the AJK polls were rigged the consequences for the rulers would be disastrous. On the other hand the PPP Punjab President Imtiaz Safdar Warriach levelled similar accusations on the PML-N-led Punjab government a few days back and said that if the Punjab government would make any attempt to get their candidates win elections on refugees seats in Punjab, the PPP would not accept the results. He also demanded the AJK Chief Election Commissioner to take pre-emptive measures to check the possible rigging attempt on part of the PML-N government in Punjab. Though the AJK Election Commission had taken a number of measures to minimise the chances of rigging, including making Identity Card mandatory for casting vote, both on the seats in AJK as well as on the refugees seats across Pakistan, yet the ground realities are altogether different. Political observers and people who are closely watching the AJK elections informed that so far the main political parties contesting the elections had abundantly violated the elections code by engaging themselves in the pre-poll rigging. They said that PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif was using the protocol staff of the Punjab government while the administrative machinery was all out in aid to their candidates on refugees seats in Punjab. Similarly the Prime Minister and Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs were also addressing the public gatherings across AJK on state expense and using helicopters and other paraphernalia in the campaigns of their candidates contesting elections in various constituencies of AJK. A number of other PPP federal ministers and party leaders were blatantly using federal government resources to turn the tide of AJK elections in their favour. The ruling elite in AJK, including its prime minister and ministers, were also not lagging behind in using the official vehicles and staff in their election campaigns. Doubting the fairness of the June 26 elections, a political analyst said that it was ironic to note that PM while addressing a public rally somewhere near Muzaffarabad said that PPP government would ensure free and fair elections in AJK when he himself was indulging in the pre-poll rigging by using federal governments machinery to aid his party candidate. Since the 1985 elections in AJK which were held on proportionate basis till the last elections held in 2006 the results were not accepted by the losing parties and even PPP AJK leadership itself had not accepted the results of 2006 elections. And this time too the political circles across AJK had started pointing fingers on the pre-polls rigging and suspected that the elections on both AJK and refugees seats across Pakistan would be rigged. But with the deployment of police, Rangers and army to handle the law and order situation on polling day it is believed that chances of rigging would be minimised, if not fully controlled. Another interesting aspect of the issue was that no serious effort was made either by the federal government or the AJK government to call the international observers to monitor the fairness of the elections. Even the local civil society bodies monitoring the elections in Pakistan and also keeping an eye on the other related political activities in the country had shown little interest to monitor these elections. According to the statistics available with TheNation the total number of voters for 41 AJK Legislative Assembly seats is 3,017,816 out of which some 2,359,566 voters would use their right of franchise against the 29 seats in AJK. While 617,717 voters would cast their votes on the refugees (Jammu and others) seats across Pakistan. For refugees (Valley) seats the total number of voters 40,533. The total number of polling stations for 41 seats are 5,559 4,351 in AJK, 1,075 for refugees (Jammu and Others) while for refugees(Valley) seats their number is 133. Staff reporter from Mirpur adds: Paramilitary troops including Rangers, Punjab Constabulary, Khybver Pakthunkhawa police and Gilgit Scouts have started pouring in all ten districts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir since Friday evening to assist the local civil administration for ensuring complete peace and order for AJK elections scheduled to be held on Sunday, official sources said. Mirpur Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Tayyeb told TheNations here Friday night that a total of 10,000 personnel of AJK police have already by deployed by the AJK government to maintain law and order during the elections. Mirpur Senior Superintendent of Police Ghulam Akbar told TheNation on Friday night that local police is fully determined to ensure the adherence of the code of conduct announced by the AJK election commission by the contestant political parties and the candidates.