BAJAUR AGENCY Tribal elders of Bajaur Agency and Kunar, the province of Afghanistan, have condemned the infiltration of Taliban from Afghanistan into Pakistan and vowed that the residents of bordering areas of both the countries would jointly avert terrorism incidents in future. In a grand jirga between the elders of Salarzi tribe and Kunar held in Lati Sir Lowi Gram area in Bajaur Agency on Friday, Malik Saeed Khan, Haji Noor Karim Khan, Haji Sher Muhammad, Malik Sakhi Jan, Malik Muner Khan, Malik Wali Jan, Malik Afsar Khan, Malik Gul Zaman Khan, Malik Khanzada, Malik Amir Akbar Khan, Malik Nezam-u-din, Malik Musa Khan, Malik Asmat Khan, Malik Qaribullah, Malik Zarawar Shah, Haji Abdul Jabar, Malik Abd-u-Salam and Malik Delaram Khan participated. Addressing on the occasion, the tribal elders expressed concern over the recently occurred incidents at Pak-Afghan border in Lower Dir and Mohmand Agency. They said these incidents were planned to create distances between the citizens of both the countries. However, they asserted that such tactics of these miscreants would not be tolerated. They said the tribal people of both the countries would jointly take effective measures on border area in order to thwart militant attacks. They also decided that a joint Lashkar would petrol the entire border of Bajaur Agency and any attack on the part of militants would be retaliated with full force. It is pertinent to mention that joint tribal jirga of tribal people was held in the backdrop of recent untoward incidents of in Mohmand Agency and Lower Dir, in which several police and security personnel were killed. Dist admin paves 17 streets in Tauda Cheena To improve the transportation and sanitation facilities, the district administration, Dir Lower, has paved 17 streets in Tauda Cheena area along with side drains and retaining walls. The scheme was completed with an objective to improve the infrastructure and general sanitation in the village. According to a press release issued here on Friday by Malakand Development Program (MDP) stated that the 17 targeted streets had being torn up and taken a bad condition. Therefore, the district administration on priority bases solved this problem by constructing 1115 meters long plain concrete streets along with 208 meters of side drains system. In order to protect it from any damage 92-metre long retaining wall has also been constructed. The District administration had already completed several development projects in the district such as provision of clean drinking water facilities, rehabilitation of damaged education institutions, bridges and construction of link roads with the aim to improve the living standard of people. With the construction of street pavement work, more than 2000 residents of the village will have freshly paved streets having much better access to school, basic health units (BHUs) and local markets. The locals have much appreciated the government efforts by rehabilitating streets and retaining walls in the village.Boys scouts: The district boy scouts association Dir Lower on Friday sent 126 scouts group to Abbottabad for their summer camp training. The group along with assistant district officer physical education and sports Wajeehud Din, scouts masters Abdul Wadood, Sardar Ali Shah, Ameer Abdul Rahman and Nazir Muhammad left Timergara for weeklong training at Takia Abbotabad. Before departure of the group scouts oath was administered to the group and they were asked to follow strictly the scouts rules and discipline.