ISLAMABAD - Despite a parliamentary committees recommendation to impose special tax on Nato/Isaf containers passing through Pakistan, the government functionaries are only confined to paying lip service and have made no demand in black and white to the quarters concerned. No proper measures have been taken to nudge the process, which has been put on the track on unending contemplation, well-placed sources in Communications Ministry told TheNation. Reportedly, Pakistan has been suffering around $83 million loss every year due to Nato/Isaf freight truckloads that are badly damaging the National Highways Network for last eight years. Putting Pakistans road network under a tremendous strain, the overloading of Nato/Isaf and American Transit Freight to Afghanistan is in practice from 2002. Minister for Communications Dr Arbab Alamgir has said earlier that the ministry was taking measures in this regard, but around four months have passed and no proper steps have come to the surface. A couple of weeks before Public Accounts Committee had asked for imposing taxes on Nato containers. It had also recommended that Pakistan should get revenue from Nato containers being supplied to Afghanistan and road damage due to transportation of these containers also be paid. The committee was told that about 256 containers cross through Torkham Pass to enter Afghanistan in a single day. Around a month before, the Senate Standing Committee on Communications had recommended that Nato containers be made bound to pay toll tax at toll plazas as these overloaded trucks are damaging the national highways. This committee meeting, chaired by Wali Muhammad Badeni, was informed that the Nato containers have caused Rs122 billion loss to the roads of the country. It was informed that these overloaded trucks use six highways of the country. Minister for Communications Dr Arbab Arbab had also endorsed the recommendation of the committee for regularly taking toll tax from Nato containers and trucks. It would not be out of place to mention here that the weighted average damage caused by Nato/Isaf freight on main routes leading to Afghanistan is 19 per cent of total expenditure incurred on repair and maintenance of roads and other related infrastructure. The attributed figures, in this story, were actually designed for 'Friends of Pakistan to show them the severity of the issue of roads damage. A number of attempts were made to contact Communications minister and NHA chairman for their comments but they did not attend the calls.