The USA Navy SEALs raid on Abbottabad Compound reportedly killed Osama Bin Laden during night 2/3 May, 2011 and left behind his 3 widows and 17 children. The raiders took away the dead body of OBL and left behind the other members of his family(perhaps) due to lack of space in the returning Black Hawk helicopters. These 3 widows and 17 children were then taken over by the Pakistan intelligence agencies to an undisclosed place. The ISI and the CIA carried out their interrogation for over a month verydiscretely and the outcome of this interrogation was never made public. Once the intelligence agencies obtained all the relevant information from them,the public was told (a news item) that the youngest widow of Osama, Amal Ahmed al-Sadah along with her 12 years old daughter Safiya is expected to leave Pakistan for her homeland, Yemen. It is very surprising that no one from the family of Osama was either shown on the media or details of other information about their living in Pakistan unobtrusively was divulged to the shocked Pakistani nation. It is very intriguingthat firstly, the Navy SEALs did not show their action in capturing the most wanted person of the world or his dead body before they dumped him in the Arabian sea andthenour Pakistan agencies followed the samesuite by disposing off the family members and the 3 captured widows of Osama quietly without showing their faces to the Pakistani nation. There is definitely something fishy in the entire game in which Pakistan government is also a partner. Why everything is being kept so secret especially when the main Al-Qaeda leader has been eliminated?Why the government of Pakistan has accepted the US version that Osama was killedor captured and taken away by the US Navy SEALswhen nothing was proved physically? Nowthe Yemeni wifeout of 3 wives whose passport photo only isshown on themedia is being sent back to Yemen. What about other two wives and their children who lived in Abbottabad Compound for 6 long years? MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, June 24.