It is sad to learn through The Nation (June 22) thata committed, conscientious politician, Marvi Memon,resigned her NA seat, won under PML-Q banner, and also quit the party because of her opposition to PML-Q, joining the government and helping it pass the budget which she considered to be anti-people. She said she tried to dissuade her party leaders from doing what they did but failed in her endeavors, and resigned in protest, insisting that her decision is irrevocable. Other charges leveled by her against the government were of being inadequate, not serving the people, not responding to natural disasters, not protecting the country's sovereignty and depriving people of basic human rights. The two major parties, PML-N and PPP have been part of the political landscape of Pakistan and along with other parties and dictators, military or otherwise, all of them have played their role in bringing the country to the sorry state it is in. PML-N and PPP are now at each others throat but were on the friendliest of terms a little while ago, with full knowledge of each others traits, while PPP and PML-Q which were foes yesterday, are in deep embrace now. Their coming together or parting of ways, friendship and animosity, all seem to be for their personal benefit, with public welfare being the concern of none of them. There is another leader who has shown some character. This is Mian Shahbaz Sharif who has decided to bring his foreign assets back to Pakistan but unfortunately these do not amount to much. Still the gesture should be appreciated. I wish the really big fish also bring their assets back to the country which could solve our problems and then we could even believe their speeches and emotional outbursts through which they keep pledging their loyalty and sincerity to Pakistan and Pakistanis. S.R.H. HASHMI, Karachi, June 22.