NEW DELHI (Online) - President Obamas announcement that the United States will pull 33,000 troops out of Afghanistan by the end of next summer was met with muted concern on Thursday in India and Pakistan as analysts, policymakers and military brass scrambled to assess the implications for their respective nations. Though Washington had telegraphed the troop reduction for months, it was larger and faster than many had expected. In Pakistan, the news was generally applauded. The South Asian nation has bridled at US regional influence, CIA drones in its airspace and what it saw as the American intrusion on its sovereignty in May in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in the city of Abbottabad, according to LA Times. It shows that America is committed to withdrawing troops, said Talat Masood, a retired Pakistani lieutenant general and now a military analyst. Thats welcome in Pakistan. A gradual withdrawal will be helpful for the region. A reduced US footprint in the region might allow Islamabad to expand its influence in Afghanistan. It may reduce US pressure on Pakistan to sever links between its security forces and homegrown militant groups, some of whom are viewed by the Pakistanis as freedom fighters useful in countering neighbour and longtime rival India.