MAILSI A rally held under by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf led by former PPP MNA Noor Ahmad Khan Bhabha PPP ex-Tehsil chief , Ex city nazim Toseef Ahmad Khan and Tehsil president of PTI Ch Muhammad Akmal. The rally was part of PTI movement for stopping drone attacks and removing the govt to save country because of unemployment, fuel and energy crises etc. The rally started from central office of PTI (Quid-e-Azam Road )and ended on Railway Crossing Multan Road Mailsi. Addressing to the rally, Noor Khan Bhabha said that this time is to save Pakistan, and the party have checked all the politicians and spend the time and government but the leadership of PTI Imran Khan who is only person who have pain for people and who save Pakistan from crucial condition by the poor decision of government while Toseef Ahmad Khan said t his address that the PPP and PML-N both parties are playing with the future of the Pakistan. They do not know if any party or country who want to break Pakistan they are live in just fools paradise. The nation of Pakistan has courage to save country. He also said that price hike and artificial shortage of fuel and energy are creating enormous problems for the country He appeal to the government to take up the issue of drone attacks with the US and get it stopped Ch Akmal said that citizens of Mailsi are aware of all situation and aware of local politicians and mentioned that people of Mailsi will cooperate the PTI we will solve the Mailsi pending problems and priority basis and the people of Mailsi has already given the chance to selfish politicians of Mailsi now you will join hand to hand with PTI and you will get your positive desires with solution to your problem. A large number of advocates from Mailsi Bar, youngsters and number of people participated to in the rally.