MUZAFFARABAD - The corrupt rulers of Pakistan are trying to extend their corruption sphere to AJK, the PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif said on Friday, adding that his party considers politics a sacred and honourable thing and decries corruption in the name of politics. Addressing an election rally in Patika in support of the PML-Ns woman candidate Naureen Arif, Nawaz said the rulers, under whom Pakistan is witnessing unprecedented corruption, price-hike and unemployment, could not give anything to the masses of AJK. Those who committed loot and plunder in Pakistan will do the same in AJK, he said. Our politics is not politics of falsehood and hypocrisy. We dont consider corruption as politics but we consider politics as worship, Nawaz said. Nawaz charged that the foreign aid money meant for AJK earthquake affectees was being used in Pakistan. He demanded the government render account of the funds collected by it for flood affectees. Time has come for us not to bow heads before the dictators, he said adding it is people of Pakistan who have to decide if they or dictators have to rule the country. How can they bring order in Azad Kashmir who have landed the whole country in chaos, he questioned. The PML-N chief said if given a chance, his party would lay the foundation of a new AJK. He said the tiger has now entered Kashmir and the jackal will now run away. We will transform Azad Kashmir into a new Kashmir. We will build motorway from Muzaffarabad to Islamabad to change the destiny of Azad Kashmir, he announced. Criticising the visit of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to AJK, Nawaz said his participation in the election campaign is a shameful thing. The PM is addressing public meetings in AJK and making announcements for colleges, hospitals, universities and hospitals. How ironical it is that during the last three years of his rule he never made any such announcement and during election campaign he is doing so, he underlined. Why the prime minister did not come to AJK for announcing development schemes during the last three years of his rule, he questioned. The PML-N chief said the whole nation knows that what is happening in Islamabad. He said the country is engulfed in multiple crises of poor law and order, inflation, unemployment and poverty, while the rulers are least bothered about the plight of the common man. The rulers are only interested in making money, he said. The rulers have unleashed loot and plunder spree and they are pocketing billion of rupees, he alleged. Biddings are offered every day and such a thing has never been witnessed ever before, he added. During our stay in power, country was far ahead in terms of defence and economic growth. Problems of load shedding and unemployment were next to nil, Nawaz maintained. He recalled that he made the nation proud by conducting six atomic explosions in reply to Indias five atomic explosions, but Musharraf toppled his government and sabotaged the whole developmental process. Former dictator sent us to Jeddah, he did not allow us even to attend the funeral procession of our father. He said the nation will have to decide that they will never bow before any dictator.