ISLAMABAD- The Opposition lawmakers including PML-N and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) on Friday in the Upper House of the Parliament implicitly demanding mid-term polls said that the incumbent government had lost its mandate to rule the country due to lack of governance, policy-making, accountability mechanism and increased corruption. Professor Khurshid Ahmed and Ishaq Dar of PML-N both made this demand in the House while taking part in the debate on President Asif Ali Zardaris address to the joint sitting of the Parliament on March 22nd. Professor Khurshid Ahmed while taking part in the debate said that the PPP-led government had lost its mandate due to deficits in its legitimacy, credibility and integrity as bad governance and corruption was ruling the roost in the country. However, his claim was later rebutted by Law Minister Maula Bukhsh Chandio who concluded the debate before the House was adjourned sine die. Professor Khurshid Ahmed said that the President in his address neither mentioned about the basic problems being faced by the masses nor addressed the issues that were discussed in the two unanimous resolutions by the Parliament. He alleged that Asif Ali Zardari was misusing the office of the Presidency by making speeches in public gatherings as he did on June 21st in Naudero though President was supposed to be the symbol of the Federation. 'The transfer of powers of the President to the Prime Minister was the demand of the masses and he did not oblige us as a result of the 18th Amendment that he claimed in his address, he added. He said that the government lacked good governance and accountability process during the three years as corrupt people and cronies were being promoted and posted in important offices. 'Lack of governance and policymaking were the two main issue faced by this government, he added. He informed the House that the foreign visits of President and Prime Minister cost the national kitty Rs 400 million and Rs 1.2 billion respectively.He also attacked US for its wrong policies suggesting that they should get rid of US aid to make Pakistan prosperous. PML-Ns Senator Ishaq Dar in his speech while endorsing the views of Professor Khurshid Ahmed said that morally and ethically the government had no reasons to continue. He said that the Presidential address lacked its two basic objectives-review of policies and to provide a future roadmap,adding, that he took the law and order situation in his address casually. Dar said that the orders of the superior courts were being flouted in the absence of strong accountability mechanism suggesting that effective checks and balances should be introduced in the country. 'If we did not address these issues, then the situation will lead us towards a serious disaster, he added. He remarked that energy crisis and circular debt were the two main issues being faced by the country proposing that there was dire need to revive the agriculture and industrialist sectors of the country. Pointing out other issues, he said that low GDP growth and rising inflation had broken the backbone of the masses. 'The printing of currency in excess quantity and borrowing from the State Bank had gradually increased the inflation rate and ultimately poverty, he added. Dar said that non-development expenditures of the government increased from Rs 550 billion to Rs 2300 billion during the last three years. He also informed that Rs 3.87 billion supplementary grants equal to 20 per cent of the total budget that were passed during the current budget session were a big financial irregularity of the government. Ishaq Dar alleged that the government did not take effective measures to reduce poverty and 1 million people became more unemployed in the country during last 10 days. Federal Minister for Law Maula Bukhsh Chandio in a tit for tat attack on the Opposition benches said that those who were talking about before time elections were waiting for another regime of dictatorship to become part of power. 'They do not want to strengthen democracy, he added. He attacked JI and said those whom US brought up were now criticising it. 'Those talking about to eliminate terrorism cannot even speak a single word against it, he added. He said that Presidents address spoke volumes of the maturity of political parties that would strength the democratic traditions. He, however, admitted that the good suggestions of the Opposition would be taken into consideration. While mentioning the performance of his government, he said that Rs 74 billion were distributed through BISP, the salaries of the employees were increased up to 50 per cent, labourers were being given shares from their organisations and lands would also be distributed among the landless people. He said that it would take five years to resolve energy crisis admitting that there was economic crisis in the country. While giving remarks on the Presidents speech in Naudero, he said that he had the right to deliver speeches at public gatherings as God had only gifted personalities like Benazir Bhutto to PPP that was objected by Mushahidullah Khan. He said that the chair had stopped him from talking about the public meetings in the House the other day and now why Law Minister was talking about it. Chandio said that he was only responding the query of Professor Khurshid before concluding his speech.