ISLAMABAD - After presenting a drama and giving hype to what has recently been witnessed, Shahid Afridi has finally bowed down 'realising' that he is wrong and has not only appeared in person before PCB's disciplinary committee but also has withdrawn his case against the PCB at Sindh High Court besides accepting to pay the hefty fine of Rs 4.5 million. After involving many influential personalities in his issue, Afridi has once again started giving statements against the PCB. If the PCB had followed rules and taken a principal stand against him, the situation could have been far different. In this case, not only Afridi but also the other players along with past cricketers, who gave statements against the PCB and blamed it of not taking stern action against culprits, would not have dared to do the same. But, the PCB always invites troubles and creates problems for itself by getting involved in non-issues. Afridi just wanted to get NOC to play county cricket in England with Hampshire and Sri Lankan League. He is not interested to play for his country or any kind of domestic cricket, whatsoever. He has forgotten a simple thing that it was owing to this country and the PCB that he was able to sign big contracts with counties and earn millions in advertisements. Had PCB not given him the chance to play for the country, Afridi, like many other talented and deserving persons, could have been living like an ordinary man. This country, especially its cricket, has given him very much fame for which he should respect it first and instead of giving priority to commercials he should make himself available for the PCB. The time has come that PCB and all other sports organisations must sit together and devise a plan as to how a person, who violates rules and regulations and give unreasonable statements, should be punished and what sort of action should be taken against him. At this crucial time when there is not a single international team or an individual ready to visit Pakistan, such statements on personal agenda will further deteriorate the situation. This will neither serve the country nor the persons. It is the national and moral duty of all the persons living whether in Pakistan or abroad that they must work for the betterment of country's image. Foreign Office and Sports Ministry must chalk out a plan on war footings to bring back international cricket . They can take help of friends like China, Iran, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and many more. Argentinean Ambassador has so many times assured his country's all out support for the revival of sports in the country. Pakistan Hockey Federation, instead of arranging foreign tours taking their family in summer for outing at national wealth, can arrange a series at home with the help of China, Spain, Argentina and Holland. These countries, if approached, will definitely step forward to help Pakistan sports and the people, who get frustrated with each passing day, will get a chance to watch their stars in action at their own soil.