The Sun

Cara Delevingne might want to spend the next few weeks getting some kip. The supermodel has booked a girls-only holiday for late August with one of the biggest caners in showbiz - Rihanna.

The pals are going on a two-week trip to the south of France and have already splashed out £300,000 on hiring a superyacht to ferry them around the French Riviera. No prizes for guessing what Rihanna will be spending her sunshine break doing.

The singer was in Amsterdam over the weekend as part of her Diamonds world tour and posted a series of snaps of herself smoking at the city’s coffee shops although there weren’t any espresso cups in the shots. If the activities are anywhere near as heavy on their boating holiday, Cara shouldn’t book them in for too many water-skiing lessons during the day.

They’ve already earmarked an extra £200,000 to cover the cost of club and restaurant visits. The girls will then fly on to Rihanna’s home in Barbados for a long weekend. A source said: “Cara and Rihanna have booked the holiday after agreeing they don’t need men in their lives.”

“They’re going to rent a yacht in the south of France at the end of August, when Rihanna has a two-week break in her tour, and then fly out to the Caribbean. It will be no-holds barred and they’re spending more than half a million on the yacht rental and on going to top clubs and restaurants.”