RAWALPINDI - An old and helpless mother, who has been running from pillar to post to know the whereabouts of her 24-year-old son who went missing some 12 days ago from the area of Police Station RA Bazaar, finally knocked the door of City Police Officer (CPO) Rawalpindi on Monday to get justice.

CPO Abdul Razzaque Cheema while accepting her application assured the lady that he would look into the matter and inform her about her son within two days.

Naseem Ashraf, a resident of Shalimar Street, Mughalabad, the mother of missing Usman Ali Ashraf, a software engineer by profession, in her application stated that she was a widow and living with her three sons in Mughalabad. She stated that her elder son Salman Ali Ashraf left his house without informing her when she was in Saudi Arabia for performing Haj.

She added that Salman left a letter asking her family not to try to find him as he had decided to do something. Later she was told that intelligence agencies arrested her son in connection with terrorism charges but later released him.

Then on June 13, 2013 her son Usman was picked up by the law enforcement agencies along with his laptop and other stuff during a raid at her home in Mughalabad.

"The official of law enforcement agencies were in civvies who forcefully entered my home and picked up my son," she said, adding that later she received a phone call from PS RA Bazaar that

her son was in Adyala Jail and she might meet him.

She added that she went Adyala Jail for meeting Usman but the jail officials told her that no Usman was in prison. She added that she filed an application with PS RA Bazaar but SHO did not cooperate with her.

She mentioned that some days later, she read a news report in section of press that police conducted a raid at her home and recovered a huge cache of arms and ammunition and explosives and arrested her son Usman.

She rebuffed the news and alleged that the law enforcers staged this drama to implicate her son on terror charges. She appealed to the CPO to recover her son. The CPO assured

the lady that he would personally solve this case and would let

her known in two days.