NEW YORK: An Apple Maps screen-shot of a New York City street on an iPhone screen recently posted online looks terrifyingly post-apocalyptic.

The image features a desolate stretch of road littered with rubbish and lined with ghost-like yellow cabs, perhaps shells left to rust when the inevitable zombie apocalypse struck the city.

The buildings look rundown and there are no people to speak of. ‘New York: by Salvador Dali,’ wrote a user on Imgur. ‘Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave. And consequently rising from it,’ quipped another. The Apple Maps app has been copping flack ever since it was introduced in 2012. At Gizmodo, Brian Barrett critiqued the app less than 24 hours after it was introduced:

‘Like so many things in life, Apple’s horrific new Maps app would be funny if it weren’t so sad. But after Apple decided to ditch Google Maps for its own troubled offering in iOS 6, users have been left with bad directions, incorrect business listings, and a missing Statue of Liberty,’ he wrote.–GN