Prominent lawyers and constitutional experts have said that the government is fully competent to try the former military dictator for abrogating the constitution and see no confusion or hurdle in invoking of Article 6 as it is very much in the constitutional ambit of the elected government.

These lawyers admitted that although there was no precedent of such trial in the country’s history but Article 6 of the Constitution is vivid and clear and all those creating confusion about it are actually supporting the forces of status quo for their ulterior motives and designs.

Talking to The Nation, renowned lawyer Athar Minallah said that this act of government has symbolic importance, as there is no such precedent of initiating high treason case against anyone in the history of Pakistan.

He stated that the government has full mandate under the law to initiate high treason case against the person who abrogate or subvert or hold in abeyance the Constitution of Pakistan.

Athar was of the view that in this particular case, government has decided to start the proceedings of high treason against Musharraf as per law since the Constitution is very much vivid in this connection.

However, he ruled out that this decision of government would open a new Pandora Box because the government is only acting upon the law of the land.

He further added that the people who wanted to get rid of this case and forces of status quo were engaged in creating such rumours and confusions.

Commenting on the issue, another prominent lawyer Abid Hassan Manto said that there is no fear factor in implementing Article 6 as it is also a part of our Constitution.

“It is the duty of political forces to take to task the people involved in violating the Constitution,” said Manto.

He remarked that punishment should be given to one who violated the country’s Constitution.

Contrary to this, former President Pervez Musharraf’s lawyer Ahmed Raza Kasuri said that this move of government to try Musharraf under Article 6 would open a new Pandora Box and the names of many powerful people would come to fore for their alleged role in the whole affair.

Raza said that if his client is convicted for abrogating the Constitution then the people who supported his acts would also be tried under this law.